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SchoolsGolf is the only fully inclusive national golf tour for children, irrespective of educational background. Interest in Schoolsgolf is growing apace, with over 70 schools affiliated and a rapidly growing following of teachers, parents and young players. In the last few years SchoolsGolf has built a strong, solid presence in the world of junior golf.

As a school teacher, Tommy, SchoolsGolf founder, passionately believes in providing opportunities for children to represent their school in sport. “We have stayed true to our values of inclusivity, diversity and opportunity for all children, aiming to give as many children as possible the opportunity to represent their school in golf.”

In 2024 SchoolsGolf teamed up with The Elexis Brown Foundation and has provided burseries for two of their young players through the season. The parent of one of the Elexis Brown players commented that her young player was often overlooked by coaches and clubs who tend to favour the more confident golfers, which, she says “has impacted [this player’s] confidence over time, in all sports. [This player] does respond well when people show belief in them, so this will make a huge difference, not only to their golf, but to their confidence in general.”

Companies and individuals are invited to support our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programme to enable us to reach out and work with more organisations and provide more young players with opportunities to help them develop. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if this is of interest. SchoolsGolf is grateful to all the schools that pay an Affiliation Fee to join our programme, which is vital to support our vision for junior golf.

Developing junior golfers

Golf is different to other sports in a number of ways; it relies on individual performance and yet can also provide a team element. By running three competitions at each of our events we are meeting three of our objectives.

Scratch competition – provides the opportunity for experienced golfers to play top competitions in a strong field of players from across the UK.

Stableford competition – provides an opportunity for developing golfers. Players with WHS up to 26 can gain experience, take part in a competitive environment, but most importantly look to have a great day on a top course. It’s so important that children find a sport they enjoy, and golf is one that can last a lifetime.

Team Trophy – the young players that are representing their school in SchoolsGolf tournaments always do so with great pride. Many photos are taken at our events and winners’ trophies are re-presented in school assemblies. SchoolsGolf is proud to offer this opportunity to schools of all educational status.

The road to the National Final

SchoolsGolf runs tournaments across the UK and in Europe. Schools and individual players can sign up for as many tournaments as they wish, choosing from an outstanding selection of courses. Every time a child plays he/she is eligible to win not only the competitions at that tournament, but also the potential to put in a winning round at the National Final.

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