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How many players make up a School Team?

To compete as a school team there needs to be 3+ players from an affiliated school. Schools can enter as many players as they like in a tournament. The team score is calculated as an average of all the players representing their school.

Just a reminder, players can compete as individuals in the Scratch and Stablefore competitions, e.g if they are the only golfer at their school, or if parents are taking a young player from the school team to an additional tournament.

There are Gross prizes, Nett prizes and Team prizes at each tournament.

The highest performing School Teams from the tournament schedule are then eligible to play at the SchoolsGolf National Final.


Who qualifies for the National Final?

In order to qualify for  the National Final,  the field will comprise all of the Stableford winners of our qualifying events plus the six lowest scores to par and three highest performing schools over the course of the season.

The final is free for the participants that qualify and will take place at Worpleston in July. 

As the teacher in charge of golf, do I need to enter all my players individually?

Step 1

Please complete this form to let us know how many players you know you want to enter at upcoming events – we can then save you places and organise an invoice to your finance department. If you add the names of your players we will add them to the relevant tournament rosters, if they already have a Golf Genius profile.

Step 2

If your players do not already have a profile, please ask them to register on the master roster on our Golf Genius system. Each player only needs to register once.

Is SchoolsGolf only for private schools?

SchoolsGolf is open to all schools, state and private.  We believe strongly in supporting young players of all backgrounds to develop their golf, so we are currently waiving the affiliation fee for state schools.

Players must be in full time education and under 18 on the 1st September.

Our school is entering a team in a number of tournaments, can parents take pupils to additional tournaments?

Yes, affiliated schools are welcome to mix and match between school-managed events and parent-managed events. Parents can pay SchoolsGolf directly for tournament entries, as appropriate. Please book onto additional tournaments using our Golf Genius tournament management system.

Will I compete individually or with my school?

At each tournament there are individual nett (Stableford) and gross (Scratch) prizes as well as school team winners. A school needs at least three players to compete as a team. A player may be playing in all three competitions if the school has fielded a team of three, if not the players will be in the two individual competitions.

When are tee times posted?

Tee times will be emailed to players a week before the event. These are, however, subject to change, but they can be checked on the Golf Genius Event Portal and app.

How can parents and schools follow a players’ progress?

Scoring will take place on the Golf Genius app. This can then be followed live online on any internet-enabled device.

Can I play a practice round?

Players are more than welcome to play a practice round(s), but please contact the clubs directly to arrange and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Do I need to have an Active Handicap?

SchoolsGolf tournaments are open to all players with a maximum handicap up to and including WHS handicap index of 26.


From autumn 2023 we have responded to feedback about children having caddies and have changed our policy so that players are no longer able to have a caddy or coach with them. Once on the course players should simply be allowed to get on with their game. Parents and followers are actively encouraged, as long as they do not get involved in play and stay at a safe distance. Having followers ball spotting and checking on the pace of play is much appreciated. Followers can keep up with this scores via our live scoring on Golf Genius.

Counting Shots

It is the responsibility of every player to accurately record their own scores. Players must mark cards for each other and sign their completed a card at the end of their round. We also encourage the use of live scoring on the Golf Genius app – players much agree on the scores before entering on the app and make sure that there is no delay to play.  Any disagreement over scores should be noted on the card.

We know it is difficult for younger players to keep count, which is one reason why we encourage a volunteer adult to follow each group.

What is the spectator policy?

Spectators are welcomed and encouraged at every SchoolsGolf event. As a spectator you must stay at least 50 yards away from the group you are following or stay on the cart path if the hole allows it. Walking on the tees, fairways and greens is prohibited. Neither spectators nor competitors are allowed to give advice to competitors. Information on the Rules of Golf or on matters of public information, such as positions of hazards or flag sticks is not considered advice but spectators are prohibited from making rulings during competitions. To help with the pace of play, we encourage all spectators to follow one shot ahead of the group they are following and spot wayward shots and look for lost golf balls.

I’m a junior golfer, how do I enter a tournament?

Players – Please click on the link to our Golf Genius pages and you can register as a player and enter tournaments. If your school hasn’t already affiliated to the SchoolsGolf programme, we will contact them and invite them to take part.

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