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Will I compete individually or with my school?

All competitions are based on handicaps but there are categories determined by age, school and gender.

When are tee times posted?

Tee times will be emailed to players a week before the event. These are, however, subject to change, but they can be checked on the Golf Genius Event Port and app.

How can parents and schools follow a players’ progress?

Scoring will take place on the Golf Genius app. This can then be followed live online on any internet-enabled device.

Can I play a practice round?

Players are more than welcome to play a practice round(s), but please contact the clubs directly to arrange and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Do I need to have an Active Handicap?

SchoolsGolf tournaments are open to all players with a maximum handicap up to and including WHS of 26.


We feel that allowing players to have a caddy is a very positive aspect of playing, but this relies on everyone adhering to the same rules. Caddies are there to help keep play moving at a good pace by carrying the bag, making sure the player is ready to play when its their turn, assisting with club selection, basic direction and bunker raking etc. Coaching is prohibited; this is for lessons with their coach and the range. Once on the course players should simply be allowed to get on with their game. Players should not be lined up by a caddy before they hit a shot. They can be given a direction or point to aim at in the distance, and then should be left to set up and play the shot.

Please Note:
We have decided that caddies are not permitted on the green. Players should tend the flag for each other and work out the putts for themselves

Counting Shots

It is the responsibility of every player to accurately record their own scores. We know it is difficult for younger players to keep count, which is one reason why will seek a volunteer adult to follow each group. It is players’ responsibility at the end of each hole to agree the number of shots for each player. Every adult or player (if old enough) will enter the score onto the GolfGenius app.

Each player’s caddy should always be aware of what each player in their group is doing and therefore know how many shots have been taken, so please make sure you are accurate when counting shots.

What is the spectator policy?

Spectators are welcomed and encouraged at every SchoolsGolf event (allowing for Covid 19 guidance). As a spectator you must stay at least 50 yards away from the group you are following or stay on the cart path if the hole allows it. Walking on the tees, fairways and greens are prohibited. Neither spectators nor competitors are allowed to give advice to competitors. Information on the Rules of Golf or on matters of public information, such as positions of hazards or flag sticks are not considered advice but spectators are prohibited from making rulings during competitions. To help the PJT with the pace of play, we encourage all spectators to follow one shot ahead of the group they are following and spot for lost golf balls.

How do I enter a tournament?

Please click on the icon for each tournament, this will take you to the GolfGenius page that will allow you book onto each tournament.

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