Sun shines at Sand Moor

11 May 2024
Official Parner - Mizuno

Finally a few days of sunshine and greenkeepers across the land have been toiling since early dawn to repair the ravages of winter and tame the surge of growth now the temperatures have increased. And the staff at Sand Moor have done an excellent job and we were presented with a very fine course for our junior golf event yesterday.

The entries were the wide range of experience and abilities that we like to see at our tournaments. I’d categorise them roughly as:

I arrived early, hoping to grab a coffee before everyone arrived, but it was busy, busy, busy from arrival til departure. The club manager and all the staff were incredibly kind and helpful. I grew up in golf decades ago and perhaps it’s that old-school upbringing that makes me worry that golf clubs and youngsters haven’t always been a good fit. But of course I needn’t have worried about Sand Moor – they are incredibly supportive of junior golf and …. breaking news…. are hosting the top boys and girls amateur golf events in 2025.

Scratch Competition

It’s always great to see girls at SchoolsGolf events, so I found it very pleasing to have these two superb players take the scratch trophies. It was very close between them – Molly with +4 and Elena on +5. It’s always great to see girls at SchoolsGolf events, so I found it very pleasing to have these two superb players take the scratch trophies.

I am sure the world of golf will be seeing a lot more of these young two players in the future. I hope they are able to enter our girls only competition at Fulwell, Surrey on 5th June.

Stableford winners

We are enjoying following Josh’s progress in golf. He is a super young player and growing in confidence at each event. He’s on a roll.

I followed Max’s group for a while to do a bit of ball spotting and help their group of four keep up with the three’s in front. All four were lovely young people and played some amazing golf. Max was consistent and steady, keeping his nerve to the end – great play. Max and Noah are members at Sand Moor and were very supportive of their fellow players, which was exceptionally mature and welcoming.

I must give a shout out to Noah who had a great card going until his ball kicked off the raised green on the par 3 15th and landed closed to the green but in knee high grass. I found it, but he had no shot and no opportunity to drop. It cost him! He kept his head up until another run-in with the rough cost him again. Golf is harsh like that. It was a shame for him because that bad luck coincided with his Dad turning up to watch the last few holes. As I left for the day, Noah was back out on the putting green getting in some hard graft. I hope we see him at another tournament soon – a splendid young lad and a super player.

School Team competition

Ist place Allerton High School

2nd place Cardinal Heenan

3rd place Rossall

4th place Scarborough College

Max asked what he should do with the School Team trophy so I suggested he take it to school because often they get re-presented in an assembly. You should have seen the look on his face – not sure he fancied that limelight!

Alyssa puts in a personal best

This is probably my favourite outcome of the day, and there were many to choose between. Alyssa, from Moorlands School and one of the Sand Moor juniors, gamely entered the tournament. As Alyssa is off a higher handicap, she played off the SchoolsGolf capped limit of WHS 26. This did not deter her from giving her utmost to the competition, and hats off to her for managing a personal best. She overcame the handicap restriction to score 36 points and 9th place. A little bird told me it was the first time Alyssa has broken 100 and she was aware of this massive milestone as she took her final putt.

We love a joyful development story like this and had to share it with you.

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