Promoting girls’ golf

27 May 2024
Official Parner - Mizuno

The first-ever girls-only schools golf tournament is set to take place on 24th June at Fulwell Golf Club. This landmark event represents a significant stride for girls’ golf in the UK, providing a dedicated platform to showcase and nurture young female talent. By creating an exclusive space for girls, the tournament aims to encourage more participation and foster a supportive environment where they can develop their skills without gender-based disparities. We have made this event an Open, meaning schools that have not affiliated to our programme are welcome to enter players. We believe this initiative is crucial in promoting gender equality in sports and inspiring the next generation of female golfers to pursue their passion and excel in the sport.

We have actually had a lot more girls participating in the 2023/4 series than the previous year, which is brilliant. And what’s more we have had girls in the scratch and team winners. Not sure about the stableford yet… all details on the Leaderboard page.

This super young player was in the winning team at Hollinwell.

We thought you might enjoy the amusing discussion that our Hollinwell tournament manager, Catherine, had with one of the young players about fingernails. Admire those beauties! She only lost a couple during the round!! PS these dramatic nails do not belong to the player pictured above.

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